Art direction, Wireframes & User Flow, UI Design, Visual Identity

To meet the needs of a rapidly growing marketplace, Point of Sale veterans, AccuPOS, were seeking a better way to engage with new and existing customers. Along with refreshing their visual identity, they needed a web experience to improve the customer journey through product discovery to custom setup and ongoing support.

Research suggested a number of pain points during the customer’s journey. These included a lack of clear product information, a complicated product selection process, and lack of mobile and tablet support. The redesign introduced a more effective flow of information and product features, organised into specific industry types. This greatly improved access to relevant information and provided a much more streamlined user flow based off each customer’s unique point of sale requirements.

Since its launch in mid 2016, the new AccuPOS site has seen a double digit increase in conversion rate, and a growth in organic traffic to the site.

The brand refresh involved giving the logo and wordmark a refresh. Staying true to the original mark, I identified weak points in the design, such as unnecessary gradients, drop shadows and irregular keylines that dated the logo. I also addressed inconsistencies with spacing and updated the logotype to a more contemporary typeface, incorporating the customised AccuPOS ‘A’.

I also completely refreshed the colour palatte, choosing bright, fresh colours that support AccuPOS’s core values. Brand visuals are built around this core palette, supported by ample white space and light greys to help maintain a simple and easy user experience. The extended colour range comprises bright and bold accents, reserved for calls to action and for drawing the eye to features and details within a page.

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