Hailing from the UK and residing in Japan,
I’ve enjoyed a colourful career in the design industry since circa 2002, and have partnered up with some great people from all over the world, helping to craft visual design solutions for companies large and small.
In 2011, I relocated to Melbourne Australia, where I worked as senior designer for one of Melbourne’s leading app development companies, Appscore, before moving to the land of the rising sun with my better half, where I serve a global client base and regularly team up with the talented folk at SeaLab, along with the fine Treeline people, both in Austin TX, and regularly get my web-marketing groove on with the guys at TrafficZoom, over in LA.

As well as creating fine digital experiences, I’m also a professional photographer and passionate dog lover, and run a natural light pet photography studio, MonMon Photography.

Highly recommended at the core of any interactive or UX-focused initiative.

Creator of Sails.js and Treeline